wellbad_jackleen Dear friends, We’re going on our Memphis Days Tour again! Just take a look at „Gigs“ to see if we’re nearby. In addition to our 7Inch-Vinyl Memphis EP „Jackleen“ including the Songs „Jackleen“ and „Rid of it“ there will be a CD with both Songs + Bonus-Tracks „Sweet Incompletion“ and „Happy Worst Day“!!! Please click here to pre-order our 7Inch-Vinyl with the new tracks. “It’s hard to believe that Beautiful Disasters is the debut album of a young man” one Bluesnews critic wrote about the first album in 2011. And you wouldn���t guess a 26-year-old German was behind the raspy voice of his second album Judgement Days either. Recently, Daniel Welbat flew to Memphis, Tennessee with his band of five to record two new songs at the legendary Sun Studio. On their new four-song EP Jackleen, recorded in Germany and the US, WellBad explores new musical paths, skillfully juggling rock, blues and jazz while always staying true to their own raw, authentic sound. The single EP is coming out on 7-inch vinyl in August 2016. Welbat’s scratchy voice is as dry as Death Valley, his beard as prickly as a desert cactus, his songs conjure up images of movie scenes by Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch. To realize his musical vision, Hamburg-born singer/songwriter Daniel Welbat “sets blues music free from its close-meshed genre boundaries, packing emotional stories into major and minor chords (especially the latter) that defy musical pigeonholing.” The English language lyrics, influenced by authors like Franz Kafka, Dylan Thomas, Charles Bukowski, Rainer Maria Rilke and Bertolt Brecht, explore timeless themes of love, hope, healing, pain, loss and death. They are based on personal experiences that have then been stylized, exaggerated or turned around. To fulfill his musical vision, the adventurous multi-instrumentalist and sound aesthetic will pick up the harmonica, jaw harp, kazoo, Irish banjo, guitar, be it acoustic, electric or baritone, and hit the drums, organ and piano. At the studio and on stage, Welbat is joined by Stefan Reich on bass, Lennard Eggers on guitar, Simon Andresen on piano and Basti Meyer on drums. Finally, producer, friend and mentor Stephan Gade (who has worked with German rock heavyweight Udo Lindenberg as well as Niels Frevert and Wingenfelder) puts the finishing touches on the band’s raw recordings at Hafenklang Studio. WellBad won the German Blues Challenge in June 2015, followed by shows in the USA and Italy. The young band from Hamburg wins people over with their honest, raw, impulsive sound. It’s “stomping and sentimental at the same time,” “handmade and stonewashed.” The combo also wowed the jury of the European Blues Challenge in Torrita di Siena, Italy, where they competed against 20 countries and went home with the third prize. The Reeperbahn Festival App wrote, “A voice that’ll strip the paint off cars!” WellBad makes blues for people who don’t even know they like blues” (BurnYourEars.com). The extrovert with the full beard has been playing Hamburg���s club circuit since he was sixteen. These days, he’s the opening act for Robert Cray, Tito & Tarantula and UK guitarist Oli Brown. Additionally WellBad have appeared on primetime shows on German TV networks NDR, WDR and 3Sat as Blues Newcomer. And yet the five guys manage to retain their unique, solitary style. As Daniel Welbat sees it, “Not everyone has to like us, but I don’t mind if everyone does.” Welbat is also a film composer, screenplay writer and voice-over artist. He likes to have the last word during the creative process and writes a new song at his home studio almost every day. “I’m usually finished with something before the others have even started making coffee.”