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“Well done, WellBad!” – DIE WELT
“A phenomenon!” – CLASSIC ROCK
„A voice that’ll strip the paint off cars!“ – REEPERBAHN FESTIVAL
Selected for Best Blues Album by German Record Critics’ Award in 2017
His scratchy voice is as dry as Death Valley, his beard as prickly as a desert cactus, and his songs evoke a mood that could set the scene for a movie by the likes of Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, or David Lynch. They tell of love and despair, three-legged dogs, coffins for two, of a brand-new yesterday.

The music is hand-made. Dirty and raw, dynamic and intense – from tender and fragile, to wound-up and explosive. “This contrast is precisely what does it for me,” explains 28-year old Daniel Welbat, frontman of the Hamburg-based band. Just as exceptional as his songwriting, his live shows are a thing to behold, often prefaced by the remark: “If you have any questions or comments, anxiety, fears, worries, bad credit rating, skin rashes… all that will fall away piece by piece tonight!”

The band’s 2011 debut, “Beautiful Disaster”, strikes a chord with Hamburg audiences, and is followed in 2015 by the second studio album, “Judgement Days”. WellBad appear on primetime television (ZDF, ARD, RTL, NDR) and as an opening act for Robert Cray, Oli Brown and Tito & Tarantula.
They win ‘Best Band’ at the 2015 German Blues Challenge, and go on to play international festivals the next year, including stops in Memphis, Tennessee (USA) and Torrita di Siena (Italy).

In the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis they recorded their single “Jackleen”

“Writing a good song is a lot like cooking. You’re constantly trying out different combinations of seasoning and spices, but ultimately you want to end up with ONE tasty meal.” Providing further proof of their ‘culinary skills’, WellBad release their third album, “The Rotten”, in 2017. Again enlisting producer Stephan Gade (Udo Lindenberg, Niels Frevert), Daniel Welbat and his five bandmates concoct a dirty and coarse blend of sounds, creating a unique stylistic mixture that transports the fundamental feeling of the blues to the present time and effortlessly transcends genre boundaries – and is promptly selected for the best Blues Album by the renowned German Record Critics’ Award.

“Our live shows really pack a punch,” Daniel Welbat laughs. “It takes hold of you. Real, passionate and uncompromsing music… with an undeniable feel-good factor.” Untethered, honest release on stage. Scream to heal. That may be the reason why WellBad not only works well on record, but is especially spellbinding on stage, where the songs take on yet another level of intensity and contagious musical abandon that is hard for an audience to resist. “Our concerts ebb and flow, and take you on a journey that will leave you feeling good and at one with yourself.”

If you’d like to come along for the ride, one of WellBad’s upcoming shows might be the perfect opportunity.
In April, the band will be playing on their home turf at Hamburg’s Elbe Philharmonic Hall before traveling to Canada in may for showcase appearances at the Toronto Music Week.

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